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Name solitaire rings                                              
  Ringlock comfort fit hinged wedding bands.    
Restoration on
5.0 mm 18 K white gold comfort fit
wedding band size 9, value $1,855.00
Restoration on this ring cost $350.00
Consisted of a new latch, and 3 new rivets.
Hinge was restored by welding.
3 years of extreme abuse, and this ring still remained safe,
even though all the joints became loose and wobbly.
Restoration on this ring cost $350.00
consisted of a new latch and 3 new rivets.
center hinge hole filled with gold and tight again.
Hinge was restored by welding up the oval hinge hole.
The hinge rivet is the one that wore the most, also galling the hinge hole oval.
See welding procedures on smaller units.  
This is what happens when the ring is not removed when gardening or mechanical work in the dirt and grime. The grime gets into the tight joints, and grinds away the gold.  
Replacement spring on 5.0 mm costs $180.00 extra.
The hinge rivet is the one that wore the most.            
        Galling occurred on the latch,
as well as the lock pin it held on to.
Galling also occurred on the lock pin.
This spring was worn but still in good condition after testing.
    Once restored this ring looked, and worked like new.          
Gold $1,100.00 an ounce
Apr. 2010
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